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Remmina for EPEL7

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By mail I has been asked to build Remmina for epel7.

Unfortunately in EPEL absent freerdp library.

But both now present in my Remmina-next copr-repo.

How to install

For installation run as root (or add sudo) provided commands.

Install yum copr plugin

If you use my [repository] (recommended)

yum install yum-plugin-copr

Or Install copr-plugin manually

yum install -y http://rpm.hubbitus.info/epel7/yum-utils/noarch/yum-plugin-copr-1.1.31-511.1.el7.noarch.rpm

Install Remmina with desired plugins

You may omit plugins which you do not want to be installed:

yum copr enable hubbitus/remmina-next -y
yum install remmina \
  remmina-plugins-gnome remmina-plugins-nx remmina-plugins-rdp \
  remmina-plugins-spice remmina-plugins-vnc remmina-plugins-xdmcp

Enjoy. Any feedback welcome!

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