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New Fedora 25 pf(post-factum) kernel build 4.8.2-300.pf2.hu.1

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In previous post I announce step to building kernels for almost released Fedora 25 with first pf kernel build.

Now I build new one 4.8.2-300.pf2.hu.1 with MuQSS instead of BFS

It is for recent v4.8-pf2 released recently.

I want copy and highlight some changelog

  • BFS CPU scheduler has been replaced by its successor, MuQSS. Please, see details in Con Kolivas's blog post.
  • BFQ I/O scheduler has been updated to v8r4.
  • Buffered writeback throttling patches have been updated as well to latest git code.
  • Stable Linux v4.8.2 has been merged.
  • Misc MuQSS build-related fixes have been cherry-picked from Zen Kernel.

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